Optimise Your OnLIne Presence


Optimise Your OnLIne Presence

Targeted Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Let Kikk evaluate your website SEO needs and recommend best solutions. We don't hard sell ad-word packages or make false promises. In fact - we often advise that you save your money because SEO isn’t necessary!

The Basics

There are some basics that need to be put in place on all websites. These include best practice such as ensuring your site is mobile friendly, good use of structured content with appropriate header tags, meaningful meta descriptions and browser titles, alt tags in images and so on. We do this as a matter of course when building web sites and it simply provides assurance that your website meets basic quality criteria.

Assessing your market

Once the basics are in place, the next step is a simple evaluation of how competitive a space your business or organisation is in. In simple terms, the less competition you have the less SEO you need.

Take an imaginary example of Kev’s Key Cutting shop in Faversham. 99% of people looking for key cutters will be looking locally so someone in Faversham might search for ‘key cutting in Faversham’. Now there won’t be more than 2-3 key cutting services in Faversham - way less than available spaces on Google page 1! Because the competition is low, the shop will do just fine in Google searches - just so long as the basics are in place.

Now, if we were talking about Min-Cab services in Manchester, the story would be rather different because the number of mini cab firms will massively outnumber the available spaces on Google Page 1.

Only in the second case would we need to do further work.

Content is King

These days, the mantra of all who know what they are talking about in the SEO world is “Content is King”.

The season is simply this. Search engines want their users to find relevant and useful content on the web. If your website offers this, Google, Bing and the others want to know about it.

One of the keys to good content is structure. Organise your content by theme with main headers, sub headers, sub-sub headers and your content will be structured. Add images which have relevant tags and things get even better. we can organise the minor technicalities underlying tags: Google et al will recognise these and give you brownie points for good content


There is no need to go overboard on links. Good content should bring you some genuinely appreciative links in due course anyway. The key here is to get quality inbound links from well regarded, relevant sites. If anyone offers you hundreds of links STEER CLEAR! They will cost you money and possibly ranking


The above is an introduction to some of the more important aspects of SEO. If your website isn’t getting as much attention as you would like, or maybe not converting the attention into genuine interest, drop us an email, we’ll take an in initial look (no cost) and get back to you with our thoughts